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Amiga 2000

Not long after I received my much anticipated Amiga 1200 in the mail from Italy, a fellow Tokyo HackerSpace member had scheduled a trip to Hard Off in Akihabara.

For those not in Japan, the name of that shop sounds downright WRONG.


You can read the back story of this project in the A1200 project blog but in summary:
My brother gave me a C=128 for Christmas of 2015. I admit to being a bit lazy with it and not doing much.

Amiga 1200

My brother has been bugging me for a long time to "get back to your roots" by becoming a retro PC collecter. He has built himself a wall dedicated to C= machines of the 8-bit family, such as the C64, C128, C16, Plus4 and peripherals.


This was a 2006 capstone project for three students at ITT Technical Institute in Tucson Arizona. The project is a shallow depth submersable ROV, with RS232 communications. The team included myself and two lab partners Ron and Tom.

Weather Station

Ever since writing my first book (Arduino Projects to Save the World), I have been interested in building a weather station.

THS Membership Box

This project is for the Tokyo HackerSpace.

The concept is for a device in which members can pay their dues without the need for direct human interaction.

Set Top Box data collector

Hacking an old internet video Set Top Box to create a wireless sensor network data collector.

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