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Bringing a Terastation TS-X2.0TL back from the dead

This post is relatively short. The bulk of the steps are described in the related article regarding the TS5400.

However, there are a few differences with these older machines:

  • There is no video output connector. But you do have access to the CPU via a serial terminal connection. However, you will need a USB to RS232 serial adaptor. an FTDI-TTL wont do it. In fact you are likely to burn out your FTDI.
  • I have not confirmed this, but I suspect the CPU is not intel. Maybe one day I will check into it
  • You will need to download not only the older firmware for your machine, but an older version of TSUpdater as well
  • BEWARE! Some firmware downloads from Buffalo contain ONLY the TS firmware and not the upload tool. Some packaging mistake somwhere years back and no one bothered to fix it.
  • Another BEWARE! Some firmwares are only available in Japanese.. or some other Language. Again, a bit of a pain. I do like the fact that the TS5400 was multilingual.
  • You should follow the same guide I linked earlier as to enabling the debug mode of TSUpdater

Here is the Japanese link to the TS-X firmware, version 1.54, including the matching Japanese version of TSupdater. This will at LEAST get you a working NAS, even if you cant understand the language it talks in. Downloading TS163 firmware from the US site will get you ONLY the firmware. The US link for TSupdater always points to the latest version, which will not recognize your old NAS. Further, though I tried, I could not force the TSupdater packaged with version 1.54 to read and install the version 1.63 firmware. I tried replacing the v1.54 firmware in the TSupdater directory with the newer version, but there is more to it than that apparently.

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