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Sensors does not guarantee the quality of the following sensor products, the example code or libraries, nor the attached schematics. It is up to you as the builder to double check all related datasheets and confirm safe operation of the sensor or device.

I try my best to give credit where it is due. It is through community effort that we can all enjoy this great hobby. I rarely claim the following schematics and code as my own.

Sensor Type Connection Features
KXM52-1050 Acceleration Analog 3 - axis, +/- 2 G, 2.7-5.5V,
DHT-11/22 Humidity Digital Humidity and Temperature
TSL230R Light Digital PWM output, selectable sensitivity and scaling
PCA9534 IO expander other I2C 8 bit I/O expansion, interrupt on state change, configurable bus address
RX8025 Real Time Clock I2C dual interrupt/alarms
RTC8564 Real Time Clock I2C 1-5.5V, backup 275nA@3V, highly configurable countdown timer

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