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I recently found this weather station strapped to a tree near a the Akabane-Bashi train station in Tokyo.
I sort of feel sorry for the tree. At least they wrapped it up good first. :)
But I hope no one is expecting super accuracy with this setup. I mean, the anemometer is wrapped in branches, and the tree is right up against the side of a building. It really should be mounted much higher. I suppose given an urban environment, if you want to deploy an independant system, or just need temporary measurements, it would be acceptable. I just hope the person who set it up realizes that their data might be flawed due to the location they chose.
On the plus side, as can be seen, strapping a sensor mast to a tree cant be much easier than this! And hey, the tree will grow up EVENTUALLY, bringing the mast up with it! HA!
For the curious, the model number is:
In my other photos, the kanji of the manufacturer and agency are smeared, so I cant read it, but couldnt read those kanji even if it were a clean photo anyway. Google has been no help on the part number.

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