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Food Torch

Its been a while since I last posted. What with finishing up one school year, going home for vacation, then coming back and jumping right into a new year, it has been supreemly busy. I will say that I have a few posts related to the STB project in the works, as well as a a new prototype sensor node which I will unveil soon. I have also been working on several projects with THS, including a top secret(?) server power management system.

In the meantime, a THS member happend to pass this post along from PopSci, and I just had to repost it here:

I always knew that certain bio-masses could be used in unusual rocket engines, torches and the like. In particular, I remember hearing about a "salami rocket" but never got the courage to try one. Well here is a great example of using food to cut steel!!!


* Note that the attached image is copyright Mike Walker and In no way do I intend to infringe on copyright. I utilize the image in an educational context, and with the purpose of directing readers to the original posting. Please don't sue me.

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