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You can read the back story of this project in the A1200 project blog but in summary:
My brother gave me a C=128 for Christmas of 2015. I admit to being a bit lazy with it and not doing much.
I did however get it powered up here in Japan for a short time, and had composite video working on a multimedia LCD display. I never did get the VGA mod working. I still want to get that done.
My plans for it are as follows:

  • A good clean-up
  • Capacitor replacement
  • One of the key caps falls off... have to fix that
  • Get the VGA mod working
  • Hack both the VGA and Composite mods to fit inside the case
  • Internal switching PSU. Just plug any 19V brick from virtually anywhere in the world
  • Umm.. some storage / floppy disk emulation would be good!
  • Possibly a ROM package?
  • CPU overclocking hack?
  • Serial to USB (such as FTDI) to do serial modem file transfers from a PC
  • Any other ideas?
  • I had considered something redonk: internal battery and charge controller, mounted LCD.. it would be a "laptop 128"! HAHA¬† maybe not.

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